In the previous article, I once introduced the most beautiful Disney princess: Ariel, Snow White, and Bell. And they are beautiful, kind, smart and brave; these traits make them to win the prince’s love. And there are other beautiful princesses you may be interested in knowing them.

Cinderella: Hard-working kind, optimistic. She is a comely including sophisticated girl, she can find happiness from animal, who are her best friends. She receptacle cant and work at the same time. She has a real stratosphere temperament. However Cinderella has a mental agility, she doesn’t let the insensible and selfish stepmother and two sisters found to forsake hurt. Her stepmother treats her as servant at home, but Cinderella never gives up hier dream. The chance is coming; under the help of the fairy Cinderella wears the glass slipper, in a lavish carriage, comes to the prince’s palace. With their noble character she makes the potentate affair her at the first sight.

Aurora: Smart, romantic, like making friends. Princess Aurora plus well known named as sleeping beauty who was brutalized by the swarthy witch’s curse when she was born, the witch cursed if she was sixteen she will be spinning acupuncture death. Also the other fairy to let up the crisis, and promised that she will not die, just sleeping, as long therefore the princess get the kiss of affectionate from the prince. The princess became a sleeping beauty in her 16 years old. The black witch in order to prevent spell lifted, then kidnapped princess lover-prince Phillip. The trinary fairy princesses saved prince, and gave him the magic shield immortal sword to pound black witch. At last the prince’s a kiss let Aurora wake up, since then they lived a happy life.

Jasmine: smart, independent, independent, simulacrum risk. Princess jasmine is the daughter of the king like the Sudan. She is clever, independent (perhaps some rebel), soldier (but a wee bit lonely) and beautiful princess. She was obedient to provisions about laws in the upcoming birthday married, except she hope to have clever a brave man. Then she met Aladdin, and deeply like him. Interestingly, Aladdin in order to pursue the princess jasmine, accordingly Aladdin disguised pro re nata a prince, until princess jasmine as last love him.

Tiana: Smart, independent, et sequens persistence. She is a waiter of New Orleans , a princess from northern kingdom who turned toward a frog in the evil wizard dark magic. He mistaken the black girl as the princess, let her kissed him to remove the spell. But Wendy kissed the frog, negative only was not able to disentangle the spell, oneself also turned into a frog. So the two frogs went to Mississippi River to look for Odie mother-in-law, which ask her to help untie the spell both concerning them. The prince’s Anna fell in love and finally, when the two frogs wedding, the prince kissed Anna’s magic, this also removes, because married the prince’s Anna has also become a princess

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