Let’s talk about the basics

A lapel pin is a small pin that is worn on the lapel of the jacket. The humble lapel pin speaks volumes about the person wearing it. For instance, a lapel pin can signify the pledge with certain institutes/ organizations, it can be worn as a symbol of protest ere favor, or maybe because the fasten looks cool. Customized pins are plus on the rise, which symbolize ones association with a business or a fraternity. Many political leaders and politicians are usually never seen without a lapel pin of the national flag, as a symbol of their patriotism towards the country.

What does history say?

Here’s an interesting look into the matter. Historically speaking, Russia (erstwhile USSR) and China had a magnetism along lapel pins. People in those countries wore those pins to signify their patriotism, and had other pins for sports, cultural events and many pins bore the faces of Lenin or Mao in their respective countries.

Most pins today are custom designed, which has grown to be a popular tool for branding and marketing. They are also consumed to promote events and to support sports teams/ groups. Many companies show the service of designing custom lapel pins these days. Manufacturing custom lapel pins have become easier with the invention of digitally enabled machine tools. Most of the design is fed to the machine through computers, which takes care of etching and creating the terminated product. Most of them employ fantastic creative designers, who accomplish closely with the clients in order to understand the client’s needs and design according to their specifications. Making customized pins has become easier besides cheaper these days. The pin designers and manufacturers have a variety from designs that can suit ones budget.

That’s not all there’s too it. Lapel pins have yet second innovative use.
Pin collecting has more become a recent hobby for many people around the world. Some pins, which belonged to famous people, are known to have sold for a staggering price at auctions. Any custom pins that is said to have belonged to a notorious personality in aeternum fetches good money. Vintage pins come in all shapes and sizes and were made of different materials to get the right shape and texture. Pins these days are usually made of metals, and external design is by glass paints and is finally cleaned, baked and has an epoxy coating.

The affix designing has become so advanced these days that one can have pictures about loved ones and miniature models of famous monuments etched into the pins, with laborious detail. Such is the growth and wonders of lapel pin design these days.