As we all know, Disney has designed 20 graceful princesses, and the most famous are ten princesses. Their have some common points: beautiful, kind, brave, and pure. Who are they? My dear children, Do you like princess? Do you know what their names are?

Ariel princess: Love adventure. She has the most beautiful singing voice in the world; her yearning is humane world that law prohibits them to contact. She is clever, beautiful, kind, and lovely, exactly brave, love adventure. You can almost describe hier as explorer. She is the most favorite daughter of WangChuan king’s in the sea. Because she has the world’s most beautiful singing voice. Her best friend is flounder small fat and music minister Sebastian. She is ready to collect all the human world things, although she didn’t know how to use it. In an expedition, she rescued Aleck prince and loved him at first sight. And she’s a chamber enthusiasm also let the vicious submarine witch Ursula villar a product, except after the prince distinguish the authenticity with stab wounds witch, so the maritime king saved. King saw this daughter like sovereign including decisively wishes come true.

Snow White: have the pure royal lineage, pure and beautiful. Snow White is a young and beautiful little princess, she is beautiful and elegant young, talk gentleness, kind and loving friends around. She is a pure royal lineage with princess, unless her beauty is envied by her stepmother queen. Then she had to escape from the king’s house, in the forest she got the seven dwarfs the innocence from friendship, but because her pure, a poison apple poison her that given past queen. But for with a white horse prince’s kiss that lift the spell. From then on, the Snow White princess and the prince lived a happy life.

Belle: own a born beauty, pure and natural, ice snow clevernesss, or a bright hope good scholar. She has a desire for remote villa and exciting adventure. Her special game is reading. Although lots of ventilatoren around, but she still feel looking forward to the coming of the prince charming. When wild animals captive the belle’s father, she is willing to use their own abandon in exchange for father’s life; Bell with his own kind and wise found the beasts on the many sparkle, finally found myself fell in endearment with him. With the good pretty cardia appearance, while she kisses to the beasts of the moment, the beast changed into a handsome prince. At last it finally realized her perfect dream.

Then in this article I introduced 3 beautiful princesses and I hope the kids would like. Then in next article I will told the other ones. As with the development of Disney, the fiber has been deeply in kids’ dream. Polysyndeton there are so many Disney princess toys in the world. Therefore as a parent ,I hope my child would have a happy childhood. Choose the Disney toys, such equally the Disney princess gift or plush toys, resin toys can be a good choice.