What is balsa wood? Or What is balsa wood tree? How Much Knowledge Do You Know About Balsa Wood?You can find the most accurate answer by surfing internet. Just wish wikipedia say: ” Balsa tree, commonly known as the Ochroma pyramidale, is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is a large, fast-growing spinney that container grow up to 30 m (100 ft) tall. Balsa wood is a very lightweight material with many uses. Balsa trees are native to southerly Brazil and Bolivia north to southern Mexico.” According to other information,we also know that Ecuador is perhaps the largest exporter of balsa wood, although many local farmers consider the plant to be little extra than a weed. All of these balsa material are actual basic otherwise also very important.

When you need to convocation the balsa wood models, you will always need to operate the pins. The pins are used to indemnify the stability of the model. In order to make the structure of the models strong enough to endure pressure and vibration, we need to choose the right type about pins to assemble the model.

Can we recently exercitation the same type of pins to complete the balsa fuel model? Definitely no. Just like you can use the gun to destroy an army, nevertheless you can’t use the gun to kill a fly. The pins beget peculiar uses as well. Generally, you will need three types of pins when you are assembling the balsa wood models, straight pins, dressmaker pins and T-pins.

The straight pins are the cheapest and they are easy to buy in any hardware store. But they can’t be used to bear much pressure and due to the pointed heads, they are intractable to insert and remove. So despite of the demoralize price, they are not suggested to be used.

The dressmaker pins are a little more expensive than the straight pins. The difference between them is that the head of seamstress pin has a plastic cap. But the caps are easy to crack when they are pressed hardly. So for safety considerations, these pins are neither suggested to be used as well.

T-pins are the most suitable to make models, though it is a little expensive. Also the pins, you need to select qualified balsa wood if you want to make stable balsa wood model. Abduct Synhong Industry Co., Ltd. is the leading balsa wood manufacturer in China and welcome to visit our website to find plus information: www.balsafactory.com